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Your questions about Cambridge Weight Plan answered

Product FAQs : Using The Plan

  1. How much water do I need to drink?
  2. Why must I drink so much?
  3. Can I drink low-calorie squashes instead of black tea and coffee?
  4. Is alcohol allowed while taking the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  5. Is it OK to drink coffee on Sole Source?
  6. Will I feel hungry on Sole Source?
  7. Can I chew calorie-free gum on the Sole Source programme?
  8. Will I need vitamin supplements while using the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  9. Do I have to take all three meals on Sole Source?
  10. If I am really hungry, can I take a 4th meal?
  11. At what age should a person stop using the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  12. Can a sixteen year old use any of the Cambridge weight loss programmes?
  13. Do I need to prepare for the Sole Source programme?
  14. When do I need to think about maintenance?
  15. How do I maintain my new weight when I reach my target?
  16. Do you recommend exercise with the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  17. I am a Muslim; how can I continue on Sole Source during Ramadan?

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