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Sola Abulu


I was someone who grew up with a tendency to be fat but never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would become as fat, as I eventually did. It became worse after the children. From a size 10/12 in university in 1986 - 1990, I ballooned to UK size 22/24 in 2011. At my peak, weighed about 123kg!!! It was my worst nightmare come to life and I had no clue what to do about it. The most I ever lost on any program was 5kg - 7kg and that’s nothing when you need to lose dozens!


Anyway, I had almost given up until end last year when I made a commitment and request to God to help me lose weight in 2012. I was tired of being fat. Struggling with seat belts on the company’s airport shuttle bus, seating carefully in plastic chairs and being the fattest person at every gathering or meeting I attended at home, church, office etc. So, Cambridge came at a time I was ready to lose weight but didn't know HOW and IF I could do it. I was on the program for 4months and lost 22kg! Dropped from 115kg in February 2012 to 93kg in July on a combination of the Sole Source+ and add a meal plans.


The question is, why did CWP work where others failed? Several reasons really. I believe it’s because the plan addresses the physiology and psychology of weight problems.


1. The fact that you have a consultant or weight loss coach who understands, (has been there) and talks you through the process.
2. The weight loss groups who chat with you, discuss progress, slip-ups, share experiences and motivate you.
3. The weekly weigh-ins which really help to keep you on track and reward your progress.
4. The bi-weekly recording on a progress card which shows how you're doing with losing body mass, inches of your vital statistics etc.
5. A meal plan that is healthy, strict yet flexible and do-able, with fixed portions that deliver "sure-banker" weight loss if complied with.
6. A process that helps you recreate your lifestyle, attitude to diet and discipline and makes you a role model for others.
7. It also helps you re-discover yourself. Find out afresh who you really are and what you can or cannot do.


Since I lost the weight, I have become an informal spokesperson for CWP in my personal life, as everyone who knew me in the last decade wants to know how I did it.And the most frequently asked question is, "is it sustainable?" And my response is YES, especially for those who have walked where I have. Because if you have ever struggled with weight or perienced the despair or hopelessness of obesity and severe weight problems, all you need is an opportunity to see a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. You will walk towards it and never turn back.


Sola Abulu, September 2012.


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