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Programmes - 6 Steps

Using the plan: Part of the attraction of the Cambridge Weight Plan is the range and flexibility of the programmes. It can be used as the sole source of nutrition (Step 1) or with conventional food (Step 2 or higher).

Sole Source and Sole Source Plus can be used for rapid weight loss by people with a BMI of 25 plus one stone.

The higher steps can also be used for weight loss, but they are also be used for people wishing to work their way up through to stabilisation, by gradually increasing the intake of conventional food.

Your Cambridge Consultant will be able to guide you through the programmes, with advice on preparation, stabilisation and maintenance.

Notes: NICE guidance states that anyone choosing to follow a diet of less than 600kcals should do so under clinical supervision. Your Consultant will explain the process for this.
*CWP = Cambridge Weight Plan

Guidance to Consultants - Ideally your customer should move down the Steps to their chosen programme, spending at least one week to each Step. If they wish to follow a VLCD programme (Step 1 below 800kcal), they may do so for a maximum of 12 weeks at a time. After the 12th week the customer should move up to 810kcal (Step 2), for at least 1 week. If they still have weight to lose and their BMI is suitable, they may resume a VLCD programme for a further 12 weeks.

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