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Our wide range of tempting flavours and textures are available through Cambridge Consultants, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Choose from one of the sachets that mix with water to make a tasty shake, soup or porridge suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For convenience, our chocolate coated meal bars and ready-made shakes make an ideal alternative when you are on the move.

*(Formulations and energy levels vary slightly worldwide to comply with individual country legislation, but the results are the same - excellent weight loss combined with nutritional assurance).

Cambridge Eat Easy:

Our Cambridge Eat Easy meals are prepared in individual trays and immediately sealed in a protective atmosphere before being gently cooked to perfection. This ensures that only the flavours, aromas and goodness remain, ready for you to enjoy any time you want.

Perfect for people with busy lives, Cambridge Eat Easy meals can be stored in your cupboard, bag or desk drawer. So, when you open one, you can be confident it will taste delicious as the day it was made.

The range is completely stand-alone and can be eaten by anyone looking for a tasty, all-in-one low-calorie meal. Calorie levels range from 257-314kcal per pack.

Nutritional and ingredient information is included on each pack.

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