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Omobukola Akinsola


Wow. I did it. I lost the weight! Cambridge diet works. From a weight of 100kg to 72kg and from Size 18 to Size 12. I Lost 28kg in 5months. I am so fulfilled. I had always being fat and i have tried different diet but never worked for me. I met a friend Biola that lost weight on Cambridge diet and this motivated me to try the diet.

I later went to register with the Cambridge Consultant at Opebi and started the diet on September 18th, 2013. I had made up my mind that i was going to do the diet and will do whatever it takes to loose the weight.

After 2 weeks on the diet, i adjusted and was not feeling hungry again. For me Cambridge diet was very easy for me; eat this 3meals and you loose the weight. It was very challenging but i had a focus (my target weight, 72kg). So i kept moving on.
Every week, i was losing on the scale and inches on my body. This was the greatest motivation that kept me moving.

Also during my weight loss, there were positive and negative comments from people. But i ignored the negative comments because i was not losing weight because of people , I was losing weight because of myself and i had it in mind that i will stop the diet when i get to my target weight.
I also joined the gym 2 weeks after i started my diet to tone any loose skin and body. This was very helpful because it will give your body a good shape during the diet. I don’t know where the strength came from, but was actually working out 2hours everyday at the gym and was never tired.

I will advice anybody on this diet that they should be determined and be focus on the diet. There will be negative comments from people but they should ignore them and not loose focus. Because in my own case, the same people saying the negative comments still came back to me to ask how I did it and how can i motivate them. Such is life!!!. So “Follow your Dreams and not peoples Dreams “

Also u should not lose weight because of people or your spouses. You should loose weight because of yourself because you want to look good. Because in my own case my hubby told me when i got to 80kg (I had lost 20kg at this point), that i should stop the diet, but i told him i was not stopping until i get to my target weight which was my focus (72kg) . I told him when i get there i will stop because it is when i get there that i will be fulfilled. Because i stayed focused he didn’t have a choice to support me till i got there. So “Don’t lose focus”’

I thank God for the journey so far. I set a target and i achieved it. Nothing gives more fulfilment when you achieve your set goals.

I feel good with myself, proud of myself, look sexy , smart and i am very healthy now.

Leap for life!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Akinsola Omobukola

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