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Olumide Awodera


I never wanted to add weight or have a big tummy, I guess nobody does. I was only gifted with a Very Big appetite, not selective with food, doing a desk Job, doing little or no exercise/sport, cheating sleep a lot over the years. So I ended up with a BMI of XXX and a big tummy to show for it. I never settled to liking it, I have been trying to lose weight since 2002, but kept getting bigger over the years. All the weight loss journey I had tried I abandoned along the way, either because of physical or health reasons.


I recently started getting a couple of medical indicator warnings on border line or over, pain in the knee, shoulder, stiff necks that kept recurring. I knew within me l have to kill this weight or it will kill me soon.


I heard about a guy in my oiiice that lost so much weight by drinking water and a powder in December 2011, spoke to him and got the contact of CWP NG, lt took me Smonths to contact them in March 2012 and another Zmonths to visit and finally started my CWP journey on 22-May-2012. Today am glad to be a member and a success story of CWP.


My life has never been the same again. As I did the diet on Soul Souroe for 6 weeks my life changed, the yoyo l did for another 4 weeks also had an Impact on my life because I got to understand the implication of choices as interpreted by the movement of the scale. Now that am working on weight maintenance my life is also changing.

CWP transformed me from wearing a size 60 suit to a size S6 SUM fitsuit, a waist 44 to 36 and from wearinga 17.5 neck shirt forcefullyto wearinga FITTED 16.5 neck shirt, a 16.5 regular fit was not just smart enough for me.


Now I love myself more, I feel renewed and adventurous. My confidence has gone sky high I now go to the pool and proudly walk from dressing room into the pool. After 24 years of not riding. I got myself a bicycle and am riding it as part of my lneep fit routine. Am thinking of things I ordinarily will not think of, e.g training for and completing a marathon race, going to Tanzaniato climb Kilimanjaro.


l love the fact that people see me and want to either start a diet or get on track on their diet program. it makes me glad my choice is making people also want to make the right choice. Simply put in my wife's word


“You look like the Olumide I met then’ then is 1998. Some people say CWP isexpensive and l Reply:- For the money I spent, I got real value and more.


Some people have also asked me "ls lt sustainable”? Reply: - Your Hair is looking fine; will it continue to look fine if you don‘t do something about it as part of your life style and routine? And they always answer no it will not.


In conclusion CWP gives Real people, Real result


Olumide Awodera


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