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Nosayaba Bello


Full name: Nosayaba Bello
Consultants name: Omawunmi Akande
Start weight: 161.5kg
Current weight: 122.9kg

I was in a place of hopelessness, where even I doubted that anything will ever be able to be done about my weight.

On the 19th of May 2013 when I walked into my consultant’s office, I had just downed two sausage rolls from sweet sensation and a plate of Jamaican jerk chicken.

19 weeks into my journey, people are constantly asking me how I did it, especially those closest to me who know how much I love to EAT.

I could eat. I could feast alone on 12 chicken wings and still have space for fish masala and chips with coke and when I had a 1 hr nap, ill spread my olden burger butter on my pretzels add a slice of ham and guzzle it down with yet another coke.

Life was good. I was eating so I was living. Well so I thought.

Realization hit me when I moved back home to Nigeria from England after school to find everybody starring at me like a museum building housing old artifacts.

I became a recluse, hiding indoors all the time because I was ashamed to go and face people outdoors, this further worsened my situation because I spent most days indoors eating, sleeping and praying for a miracle concerning my weight. It never came.

On one of my days at home, I took a drive to the club house to buy something to eat and I just decided to visit the gym. I got on the scale and the needle refused to stop it was approaching 200kg.

When it finally stopped it rested on 174kg. I couldn’t believe it? How did I let it get this bad?
I went back to my car and wept. The next day I decided to start the gym and it wasn't easy. Anytime I walked into the Gym I felt people where judging me.

I kept to myself because I knew what i wanted from my journey. Four months after I started I lost 20kg brining me down to 154 kg.

I had amassed a mountain of cheerleaders and a massive support group at the gym. So much so that these people will call me on the days I missed the gym to find out why I missed a session. They became my family.

I had to undergo an eye operation so the gym stopped. I got a job immediately after and I couldn't balance both so I stopped going to the gym all together.

That was in Sept 2012. Somehow, I ballooned back to 161.5kg.

I would constantly struggle at this point, using my eyes which I operated on as an excuse why nothing could be done about my weight. I always had this conviction in my Spirit that I had to do something but I ignored it.

I had cried myself to sleep on the 18th of May 2013, which was the Friday night before I made the decision that enough was enough. An encounter at work which was weight related had occurred and i decided that day to change my life.

I met my consultant Omowunmi I wouldn't call her my consultant anymore, because she is now way more than that. She has physically held my hand through this journey.

On week 4 when I lost just 1.3kg I told her that I was going to quit and she told me something that I have held onto till date.

I was 12.3 kg down and she said “just because you lost 1.3 kg that shouldn't make you quit. Imagine if you lose 1.5kg every week for the next 8 weeks and add to this 12 kg you would have done a great job”.

When I did the Maths that was 12kg more and believe me i was hooked. The next week I went in and I lost 2.2 kg and the rest is History. I am 19 weeks in and I have lost a total of 38.5kg.

Week after week I walk into that office and get on the scale and I watch the weight fall off. It was like a rebirth, my life was changing right before my very eyes most amazing thing was I was doing myself.

Cambridge has changed my life. The simple things in life which normal people take for granted which I couldn’t do before, like lace my shoes, get out of bed in the morning, even stand for more than 5 minutes (I run for 30 mins daily) I can do them all now without breaking a sweat.

The best part of my journey is that I feel free, reborn, and best of all my self confidence is back giving me a chance to view life from an entirely different perspective.

Nosayaba Bello

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