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Your questions about Cambridge Weight Plan answered

Medical FAQs : Medical Queries

  1. Why are pregnant or breast feeding women advised not to use Cambridge?
  2. Does the Cambridge Weight Plan affect the menstrual cycle?
  3. I have had a heart attack. Can I take the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  4. I have had surgery for cancer. Can I take the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  5. Do I need my doctor's consent to use the Cambridge Weight Plan with food?
  6. My doctor says I am clinically obese and that losing weight would improve my general health.
    My Consultant insisted on my doctor signing the Medical Record Form. Is this correct?
  7. I have diabetes and my condition is controlled by diet. Must I see a doctor before going on the Diet?
  8. What is ketosis and is it harmful?
  9. What is the ketone test?
  10. What is metabolic rate and can it be damaged by rapid weight loss?
  11. I am using the Sole Source programme, but have a cough and a cold what can I take?
  12. Is it all right to continue the Sole Source programme if giving blood?

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