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The Journey So Far

Wow! It has been a fantastic 2 years. A journey filled with ups and downs. Excitement, frustrations, Joy, Annoyance but filled with satisfaction and gratitude to God. This Journey actually started in England in 2005 (about 7 years ago). I was hugely overweight but seriously in denial as I did not take my weight seriously after trying so hard to lose weight but each venture ending in failure, I soon gave up after all my husband did not complain (another story). At some point I needed to lose weight for health reasons and it was no longer a choice.I had to lose weight in order to have another  child after 10 years of trying today I am blessed with 3 children. I was introduced to CWP and I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot, after all I had tried everything else. The results were amazing and I lost a huge amount of weight. I was so hooked and passionate about the diet I would bore total strangers to death about its benefits. I also derived pleasure from showing my before pictures. I then decided to become a CWP consultant on a part time basis but continued my main job, working as a Project Manager. But I knew I had found my calling with CWP I come from a family plagued with weight issues and started thinking about how to get the product to Nigeria to help my siblings . Then I had a brainwave: “why not approach Cambridge Manufacturing to become a distributor in Nigeria” I was turned down but I kept bombarding Eileen and Jane with emails, phone calls, feasibility studies and my Business plan. Finally they agreed but on the condition that I would be solely in charge of operations in Nigeria, Hence becoming a sole distributor in the region.


I started 2 years ago in my house with just 2 clients and a few products, then Fola joined me after going to the UK for her training. It was a struggle, I did not understand the Nigerian environment having lived outside for almost 20years and I almost gave up but for the support of my husband and my siblings I would have given up. I could not understand why goods are not delivered on time, why people will not turn up for appointments and don't bother calling. Why no one ever keeps to time and will not apologise for it.


Why people are rude to me on the phone and expect me to accept it! Why the police will stop me for carrying goods in a private car! I eventually got an office and a 30 minute journey into the office would take me 2 hours plus. I needed to run a generator 24/7 because of irregular power supply. My gosh, I longed to go back “home” to England to sanity! My friend Toyin Onadele (who is also a consultant) would call me a mumu! This is Nigeria, “get with the program”. “you have to be sharp” Hmmm sharp ke, I am a sharp girl ke! Or so I thought until I got faced with all sorts of issues.

Today I have a wonderful team of consultants and together we have helped a significant number of people (male and female) discover their “inner va va voom”.


The highlight was when I received an award in Cyprus from the Parent company on behalf of my team for business development, in recognition of an amazing growth within a period of 12 months .

It has been a worthwhile and amazing Journey and it can only get better. I look forward to celebrating 10 years and more and CWP being the market leader in Weight Management.


Eniola Karunwi
CEO CWP Nigeria

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