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Your questions about Cambridge Weight Plan answered

Medical FAQs : Disorders

  1. I am being treated for depression. Can I take Cambridge ?
  2. I am on a low sodium diet. How much salt does Cambridge contain ?
  3. Can I safely take the Cambridge Weight Plan with a thyroid complaint ?
  4. Can someone with diabetes be on the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  5. Can a person with raised cholesterol levels use the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  6. Can the Cambridge Weight Plan be used with the bowel disease Diverticulitis?
  7. What is the advice for someone with a history of constipation?
  8. Can people with high blood pressure use the Cambridge Weight Plan for weight loss?
  9. How will the Cambridge Weight Plan benefit my osteoarthritis?
  10. I suffer from gout. Can I still take the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  11. Is the Cambridge Weight Plan suitable for people with coeliac disease?
  12. Is the Cambridge Weight Plan suitable for anyone with peanut allergy?
  13. Can someone with a lactose intolerance use the Cambridge Weight Plan?
  14. I have a problem with heartburn. Will Cambridge aggravate this?

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