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A typical day starts with my beeb on my blackberry from clients "touching base" on the forum, sometimes as early as
5 :30, occasionally at very ridiculous times of the nite . Lagos traffic is not a bother to me at all ,I spend those times catching up with my bb messages , text messages and calls . The pressure in the office is no better, clients come in on appointments ,some just walk in,others to call to find out if it's convenient to come in.

I used to think I was a very patient person, but as a consultant i have come to realise I have a lot to learn about people & emotions. Everyday is a new experience and every minute or most of it is so enjoyed .

Expectations and demand of our Cambridge clients is so high on the consultant; You are expected to pick up their calls at very ridiculous times of the day If you don't the minute you return the call it's " Mrs O I called you, why did you not pick up " or " I was so hungry I could not sleep so i called you at around 1 am to see if you were awake so you could tell me what I should do; can I have an apple ?"


Initially it was tough but now for me it's fun. In the office when clients come in as first timers , we go through the rules of the diet and my expectation as the consultant on them -one of which is you can't have fruits !!! on soul source. Clients come in weekly for review; this is when you deal with a lot.

Some come in with a bold face after they have cheated not knowing they will will be caught; the ketosis test is done , when it does not come out good ; confession or denial starts, wow it's so much fun when clients try to justify why they have cheated . Some clients are so good and disciplined, they follow the rules, do the web page interacting with other Cambridge clients, read their Cambridge manual and get everything done to the letter. Some clients would rather not see Mrs. O because she is " the headmistress" but others end up appreciating the firmness and even ask you to be very frank with them. Having said all these it is fun, fun when you see the transformations happen to your clients .


They become more confident, more attractive , more lively and mostly very grateful to you forgetting they did most of the job. Being a consultant is a job that helps you to appreciate emotions surrounding been over weight, realising that fat is BAD. Some you lose, some you gain. Those you lose or can't get to be as disciplined as you want them to be you get hurt, you pray for them and wish them luck. I am a private person, but as a Cambridge consultant I have more friends than I did before ? It's a job ; great job that comes with a full package .

Folake Odunsi
Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant
08028289168, 08033049111


I chose to become a CWP consultant's because after losing about 18kg and maintaining the weight loss successfully, I was very keen to share the secret of this success, and to help other people develop a healthy lifestyle through CWP.


Becoming a CWP consultant has therefore been rewarding. It has also ensured I remain disciplined and on track whilst also providing immense satisfaction as I assist others achieve their weight loss goals. As a CWP consultant I have been opportune to meet different people, from the skeptics, to the indifferent and finally to those desperate for a solution.


My typical day starts with a phone call. On a good day, I receive a minimum of 10 phone calls. These calls range from complaints (I don’t feel I am losing o, is this YOUR diet working; or I am very hungry, are you sure I can’t have a salad or fruits on this sole source ) to excitement (I just weighed myself and I lost 5kgs this week, I can finally fit into a British size 12!) Let me not forget the late night calls, 11pm and even later. They are usually cries for help from some of my clients who have cheated and want to 'repent', or sometimes calls from midnight snackers (we all have those bad days) who are hoping I can tell them a little something that will dissuade them from taking that forbidden spoon of ice-cream or glass of wine. The interesting thing is I am always glad to receive these calls because it means my clients may struggle sometimes (as we all do) but they want to succeed on the diet.


A part of the consultant’s role that I find really interesting are some of the calls from prospective clients where I am asked questions like: did you do the diet, what dress size are you, and what do you weigh?!!! You really have to be confident, dedicated and very patient. These are questions from absolute strangers who are yet to meet you. I always try to be as diplomatic as possible, lacing my responses with humor where appropriate . How can I forget the comments on the bb chat groups, sometimes sobering and often very hilarious. Fun days always occur during the weekly weigh ins, it is interesting how confessions start pouring out when the ketostick is brought out and the test requested - Ha…I become pastor Toyin as all the wrong doings are remorsefully mentioned.


As a consultant, you share in your client’s successes (clapping and jumping, even close to tears sometimes discussing how difficult it was, how it has/will transform their lives personally and professionally, sometimes celebrating the gifts they had been promised by a spouse etc) to the disappointments, ready with the words of encouragement and chastisements when necessary.


You become role model, cheerleader, counselor, mummy, wife, doctor, nutritionist, best friend, school master, and woman of God all rolled in one.As you can see this job never has a dull moment! One key thing I have learned is this: weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. I constantly encourage my clients to stay focused, and to take it a day at a time. We all have bad days (and I have had my fair share of those), but staying slim and healthy is a lifetime commitment so I just say 'pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again'! If you ask me what the best part of this job is though, it is definitely the opportunity to meet my various clients, share in their struggles and successes, make wonderful new friends, and become a part of a family of people who are bound by a continuous struggle to maintain our weight and a mutual understanding that staying slim requires a lot of dedication, determination and commitment to a change in lifestyle.


Oluwatoyin Olusanya Onadele

A CWP consultant based in Lagos

can be reached on 08022235851, 07044429210, 08139288282

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