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Ajoke Omole


A friend told me about CWP in November 2011 but I wasn't interested in joining the programme because of the usual fear of infertility; I didn't want to lose weight and then have complications later in life. In January 2012, I visited the CWP website, read all the success stories and checked the content of their products to be sure there were no side effects. The stories I read convinced me to give the programme a try and on Saturday, 14 January 2012, I walked into the CWP Victoria Island office weighing 126kg (dress size US 20). On that day, I had a chat with Mrs. Odunsi and Eniola Karunwi and started my journey which eventually culminated in the loss of 42kg within 6 months (without cheating). I currently wear UK size 12/14.


The journey…


The first three days were crazy because I craved food like never before but thanks to mentos sugar free peppermint flavored gum, I was able to resist succumbing to the cravings. I also started an exercise program that included taking brisk walks for an hour or more every day. (I knew I could lose the weight without exercising but it really did me good to get some cardio exercises).


The experience became interesting when I started getting compliments from friends, family members and colleagues. The compliments helped but the ultimate thrill came when my clothes literally started falling off. Today, friends and colleagues literally walk past me without recognising me and then I hear "OMG! I didn't know it was you what did you do?" My health is perfect, I feel lighter and healthier than I have ever felt in my life, I no longer experience back pains and shortness of breath. I feel amazing and know I look fabulous…thanks to CWP and the world's best consultant Eniola Karunwi!!!!


Ajoke Omole (2012)




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